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This Week in the World: Native Advertising, B2B Marketing, and HR Technology

b2b native advertising7 B2B Brands Getting Native Advertising Right

While there is a wealth of examples in the B2C marketing community on native advertising (good and bad), we wanted to take a moment to show you some examples of native advertising done right in B2B. Read the full post.

The Search for Meaning in B2B Marketing

Velocity Partners regularly publishes great content about B2B marketing. This is different. Check out Doug Kessler’s SlideShare presentation called “The Search for Meaning in B2B Marketing” and see how Doug answers the question — how can we spend our lives doing B2B marketing and still feel good about ourselves? See the presentation on SlideShare.

Why Content Marketing Needs Native Advertising

Native advertising needs great content. Great content needs eyeballs. No matter what, one thing stays the same: Marketing practices are only as good as the marketers who utilize them. Read the full post.

What Should Be in a Book About HR Technology?

Matt Stollak wants to know why students aren’t being taught about HR technology and what we could do to change that. Read the full post on True Faith HR.


5 Ways to Use Humor in Marketing

Looking for some ideas on how to use humor in your marketing campaigns? Check out this quick read from Inc to get inspired. Read the full post.

5 Great Infographics About Native Advertising for B2B

This week, we’re talking about native advertising. We wanted to give you some resources to learn more about the growth of native advertising, starting with these five infographics on native advertising. Read the full post.

Move Over Product Design, UX is the Future

Rick Wise, CEO of Lippincott, says experience innovation is the next design imperative. Here are five things you can do this year to make that happen. Read the full post.

9 Key Stats You Should Know About Native Advertising

This week, we’re talking about native advertising. There are so many stats and reports on native advertising, you could be buried in reports and data for weeks. I know this because I just read everything I could find that looked reputable on native advertising to get a good picture of the landscape — mostly so you don’t have to. Read the full post.

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