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9 Key Stats You Should Know About Native Advertising

native advertisingThis week, we’re talking about native advertising. There are so many stats and reports on native advertising, you could be buried in reports and data for weeks. I know this because I just read everything I could find that looked reputable on native advertising to get a good picture of the landscape — mostly so you don’t have to.

Here are the key stats I thought were worth pulling apart from the hundreds of numbers you’ll find floating around — partially because they are from the most reliable research, and partially because they tell you what you need to know to make decisions about native advertising.

So from dozens of reports to these nine, here’s the best of the best — 9 essential stats about native advertising:

  1. Native advertisements are viewed up to 53% more than banner ads. Source

  2. Purchase intent is up to 53% higher for native ads. Source

  3. 62% of publishers surveyed by Hexagram (in the largest native advertising survey sample size to date) are already offering native advertising. Source

  4. In another study, 73% of publishers surveyed reported they already offer native advertising. 17% of publishers said they were considering offering it starting this year. Only 10% of publishers surveyed reported they didn’t have anything planned. Source

  5. 41% of brands are already engaging in native advertising campaigns and 66% of these brands are creating the content themselves. Source

  6. Most brands (56%) and agencies (50%) have positive views towards native advertising. Only 11% of both groups have negative views of publishers who offer it. Source

  7. 57% of publishers are using content marketing metrics — engagement and time spent — as KPIs for native advertising. 43% of publishers named traffic as the most important KPI. 33% named social media, 24% named brand lift and comments came in with 19%. 10% chose traditional digital ad metrics — cost per view and cost per click. Source

  8. Consumers are much more likely to share native advertisements with others (32% vs. 19% for traditional ads) and showed 18% more purchase intent after viewing them. Source

  9. 85% of consumers have never heard of native advertising. Source

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