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This Week In The World: #YouAreFired, #HRTechConf, and a B2B Content Culture

#youarefiredIs It Time To Kick Your Agency To The Curb?

Breaking up is hard to do. We get it. You feel alone. It’s hard to find the right words to express why you’re leaving and say goodbye without burning bridges. But not this time. Not when you’re ready to end the relationship with your current agency and trust someone new. There’s an app for that. Actually, it’s a SlideShare presentation. Check out: Dear John: The Best Letter Ever for Kicking Your Agency to the Curb.

This Week’s Final Wrap: HR Tech Conference

Whether you missed this year’s epic HR Technology Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas or not, you should check out the final recaps of the event from The Starr Conspiracy here:

The Complete Automation Of HR — It May Be Here Sooner Than You Think

Can HR be automated like the ordering and cooking processes at Burger King? Laurie Ruettimann thinks so — check out her post on TLNT and see if you can picture a future where HR is automated.

How To Create A B2B Content Culture

B2B marketers know that content creation is critical to effective marketing. But it can be exhausting to think about churning out new content on a regular basis — where do the ideas come from? How do you keep readers interested? And how do you do it all when content isn’t the only thing you’re responsible for? Get answers to your questions on Social Media B2B.

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