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Want To Understand HCM Buyers? Don’t Miss InfluenceHR

This week, we’ve been talking about buyer personas. If you are in the unique position of being a reader of The Starr Conspiracy’s blog and needing to learn more about marketing to HCM buyers, specifically, you are in luck.

The Starr Conspiracy was the proud underwriter of May’s inaugural InfluenceHR symposium, hosted by George LaRocque. This year, we’re back and excited to continue the discussion.


If you want to learn how to market to HCM buyers, there’s no better place for you to learn than InfluenceHR. With the potential to be in “drinking from the firehose” territory, George and his team have structured the day so you’ll leave with a new perspective and lots of actionable insights to take home with you.

Here are a few of the panels you won’t want to miss:

Inbound Marketing — A Love Story

We all know the balance of power has shifted in today’s consumer-focused world. The buyer holds all the cards. With that knowledge, some brands bend over backward to meet the demands of the highly fickle buyer. But can B2B companies really afford to do that? How does this consumer-focused trend impact B2B marketing?

What’s love got to do with it?

This presentation by Hubspot CMO Mike Volpe will change your view of marketing and your approach to generating more revenue through a lovable approach to engaging your customers. This isn’t about speed-marketing and making short-lived messages that are defunct upon sight. No, this is about building relationships, the only way marketing really thrives in today’s world.

Building a “Brand” Newsroom: How the Rules of Content Marketing Are Shifting for Technology Companies

Enterprise technology companies have been at the forefront of content marketing since its inception, but with all of the buzzwords flying around today, how do you know what’s worth focusing on and what’s not worth your time? Brand journalism? Thought leadership? Native advertising? So many of these strategies require different resources and a lot of time.

The Starr Conspiracy’s Steve Smith, a content marketer and former journalist who has executed content marketing strategies for technology companies of all sizes, will discuss what’s working, what’s not, and where to focus your attention and your budget.

Continuing the Discussion: The Importance of Customer Advocacy in the HCM Market

Nothing beats the power of positive word-of-mouth marketing, especially in a people-focused market like HCM. Through their social endorsements, referrals, and positive references, fans and admirers have an enormous impact on brand perception, demand creation, and revenue acceleration. In fact, the rising influence of advocates is beginning to blur the very definition of client and vendor, as businesses seek to draw their supporters ever closer. Why, then, are so many HCM vendors missing the power and influence of customer advocates? How can marketers tap into this vibrant new channel and direct it toward advocacy that drives sales? Join us for a lively panel discussion that examines the power of customer advocacy in the HCM market.

HR Buyer Panel — Break Through the Noise and Get Heard by HR

You spend long days, nights, and weekends working on messaging and positioning for products and services in the HR industry. You spend money on branding, marketing, conferences, and social media. You feel like you know your customer inside and out, whether it’s enterprise, SMB, or even a small HR shop.

But how do you know your marketing strategy has reach, relevancy, and resonance with the HR Buyer?

Join a panel of executive HR leaders who will discuss what types of marketing stand out, what kinds of content from vendors they see as credible, and how today’s HR buyers get information before going through a buying process.

The panelists will also discuss enterprise vs. SMB perspectives in buying complexity, the process to acquire new technology, and how it’s possible for vendors to be viewed as credible sources of thought leadership.

You have one day left to take advantage of InfluenceHR’s Early Bird discount — save $200 and register today.