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The Next Step for Buyer Personas: Enablement

buyer-persona-cardThis week, we’ve been talking about establishing buyer personas. What did you think was gonna happen? You were going to create these fantastic, research-based personas and stick them in a dusty file cabinet somewhere in the Home Alone basement?

Not exactly.

The most important thing to remember on your path to killer buyer personas is that you didn’t break the number one rule: You can’t make them up. If you’re truly interested in how buyer personas combined with Drive can impact your promotion strategy, a persona developed from your “gut instinct” isn’t exactly going to get you anywhere.

So as long as you’re not sitting there with a bunch of speculations about your buyers jotted on a napkin, you might be ready for the next phase: Enablement.

At The Starr Conspiracy, we go big with enablement. Whether it’s a Drive enablement, rebrand or basic social media enablement surrounding a specific event, we take those company-wide opportunities to bring everyone up to speed on the strategy and make the absolute most of them.

Take the milestone of established personas and get the word out in a big way. Make sure your salespeople are equipped with kits to understand the personas of your customers. Customer service, sales, marketing, and product teams might be your key stakeholders in rolling out your newfound personas, but the entire organization should understand who benefits from your products or services.

Go big with enablement. Or give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.

IMAGE: Example of a buyer persona enablement card from ManByte.