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Your Buyers Are Goal-focused, Not Tool-focused

There’s a model in the user experience community that shows how users are goal-focused, not tool-focused.

buyer personas

Your user has either multiple goals or one major goal they need to accomplish. They take steps to reach that goal — often using tools such as a CRM or talent management suite to get there.

That’s where you come in. As an enterprise software/services provider, you offer a tool or a service that helps your buyers accomplish a specific goal.

Your product or service makes the world a better place.

With a strong Brand, well-developed message, and identified Drive statement, you know exactly what your unique value proposition really is and how to effectively communicate the features and intangible benefits you provide your buyers.

That’s where buyer personas come in. Your buyer’s eyes are on the prize — their goal. That’s where they should be. Your tool is supposed to make their lives easier.

Using the model above and the buyer personas you develop, you should know exactly how much “tool time” each of your buyer categories are willing to spend in their quest to achieve their goals.

For example, if you have discovered that the SMB HR manager doesn’t have time or resources to implement a new system and your solution takes an average of 30 minutes to set up across the organization, you communicate that message to the buyers who care.

Developing buyer personas won’t solve all of your problems. But if you have a handle on Brand, message, and Drive, you’re ready to figure out who you are really talking to and how you can solve their problems with a targeted content marketing strategy.

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