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Webinar: Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Toward Market Share

We’re revealing all of our secrets on grabbing early market share in emerging market segments this afternoon in a free, one-hour webinar. Learn more from our very own Lou Chapman:

Got a better mousetrap? Who doesn’t.

Got killer customer support? Who cares.

Companies that have become the leaders in emerging market segments know this: Success is all about putting your bucks and brains into gaining market share and gaining it now. Period.
Those who grab market share first tend to hold onto it. Consider this: Only 10 years after the first applicant tracking system was introduced, nine companies now control 52 percent of the talent management market.

market shareThe Market Share Manifesto from The Starr Conspiracy clearly lays out the art of gainingmarket share early on, in any emerging-market war.

Join Bret Starr, founder, president and partner of The Starr Conspiracy, on Tuesday, March 5, at 1 p.m. Central time for a one-hour webinar that will reveal The Market ShareManifesto. You’ll learn why brand awareness and market share matter most.

Then you’ll learn how you can take the beachhead and move to control even more of your market segment through strategies based on these proven insights:

  1. Marketing is more important than product or customer support.
  2. Brand recognition is more important than lead generation.
  3. Industry media sources don’t provide sufficient access to market.

The Market Share Manifesto says brand marketing is the most powerful weapon for any emerging-market company. We know this intimately. We will share the power with you.

Learn the secrets of The Market Share Manifesto this afternoon (March 5) at 1 p.m. CST.