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Why We Love the F-Bomb at The Starr Conspiracy

the starr conspiracy

If you have been following The Starr Conspiracy for any period of time, you might know that we love to be brazen and bold in our marketing – our website is a labyrinth and we have as much as told you why our brand archetype allows us to be bolder than yours might.

That’s why this week, in Entrepreneur, when Gwen Moran wrote about why companies are getting more and more comfortable with dropping “the F-bomb” in the workplace, we were happy to contribute.

You can read her full post, “Why We Love the F-Bomb” on Entpreneur now, or check out the snippet below:

It qualifies prospects. In 2008, Fort Worth, Texas-based firm business-to-business marketing firm The Starr Conspiracy self-published 5,000 copies of a book called, Try Not to Fuck This Up: But If You Do, Call Us. It was distributed as a marketing tool and the cheeky style and bold language got attention and publicity for the firm. Partner Dan McCarron says the book “was our number-one best asset in marketing – no one could have predicted the mileage we got.” Using the grandmother of all cuss-words right in the title ensured that firms who called them were a good fit culturally and wouldn’t be offended by the language the firm members use in everyday parlance.

Read the full story now.