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The Many Ways We Make Things Happen at The Starr Conspiracy


Everyone here at The Starr Conspiracy has different ways of getting work done. Collaboration happens in many forms in creative environments. The Starr Conspiracy is no exception, so we try to give our agents a variety of ways to create, collaborate, and share.

Here are a few ways we all get together that take advantage of all our agents’ different work styles:

  • The Daily Huddle: Whoomp! There it is! Maybe you read about our daily huddle in The Wall Street Journal, or maybe you’ve just heard about it through the grapevine. Or maybe you have no idea what it is or what it has to do with a Tag Team song. Regardless, each morning at 11:45 we gather for 15 minutes to regroup and share important updates from different departments, brag about our co-workers’ amazing feats of creative genius, and, of course, talk about how great the new Star Trek movie was. Even our virtual employees are able to get in on the huddle action via Google+ Hangouts, though it’s always better when they can attend in person.
  • Google+ Hangouts: When agents can’t be in the office in person, Google+ Hangouts are the next-best thing. We’re all already Google Talk ninjas, but when someone’s on the road, inviting a co-worker to a hangout can make meetings quick, productive, and easy.
  • The Foosball Table: Agents usually start prowling for a foosball challenger later in the day, when they need to step away from their desk and clear their head. The same goes for our pingpong table, the Nerf guns, and all the other strange toys that reside in our office. Within a few minutes of distraction, people have new ideas, feel more relaxed, and have a fresh perspective on whatever project they’ve been working on.
  • The Whiteboard Room: At The Starr Conspiracy, we know how to mark up a whiteboard. If you haven’t been to our office, you really have no idea. We’ll even draw on tables when we can — sometimes our glass-tabletop doodles are work-related, but sometimes they’re just for fun. Sharing on a screen or in a project plan isn’t always enough. Sometimes you just gotta draw. Why mess with a PowerPoint when you can draw a Venn diagram on a whiteboard? Everyone pulls out a marker at one point or another — and nobody minds if your artistic abilities are limited to stick figures.

If all these unique ways of collaborating and working weren’t enough already, they’re just going to get better when we move to our new HQ, which has been custom built to capitalize on these ways we keep our work styles varied and productive.