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Meet the Executive Team

Our partners are the strong hand that holds us together. Without each part, we would not be the strong unit we are, and yet they all stand alone, each contributing to the team with their considerable wisdom, passion, and immense background knowledge.

In other words, they all know their shit. They’re all cool dudes. And recently, they all came together for a photo shoot.

Today, we’re showing you the pictures and giving you a little insight into the six incredible men behind the curtain.

TSC-ExecBoard-BretNAME: Agent Bret Starr
OCCUPATION: Founder, Partner, and President

Bret spends his time in the “lab,” developing and perfecting marketing methodologies and perspectives for the agency. Prior to founding The Starr Conspiracy, he worked for a decade as a marketer for several software companies, including a talent management software company and a time and attendance software company.

He is the also the definition of an explorer. Not happy unless he is pushing boundaries and traversing new territory, Bret has spent his career working to forge a new path in enterprise software marketing. But before he discovered his passion for business, he explored his love of the outdoors. He once even lived in a tent in the Grand Tetons and worked as a roofer for six months. Today, you can find him hanging out on the golf course or spending time with his wife and their little girl, Bonnie.

TSC-ExecBoard-MarkNAME: Agent Mark Mitchell
OCCUPATION: Partner, Business Development Director

Mark brings nearly a decade of agency experience and a track record of sales success to his role as leader of the firm’s business development initiatives. Since 2003, Mark has been involved in every aspect of The Starr Conspiracy, from operations to client management.

Mark’s not a superstitious guy — except when it comes to new business deals. Don’t high-five him. No, really. Just don’t. Don’t talk about the deal, don’t think about the deal when he’s in the room. In other words, don’t jinx the deal is Mark’s motto. Got it. Oh, and rumor has it he loves bananas.

TSC-ExecBoard-DanNAME: Agent Dan McCarron
OCCUPATION: Partner, Finance and Operations

Dan heads the firm’s operations and is an online marketing expert who has spent 15 years in account management. Transplanted from Brooklyn, he has more than a decade of experience in the recording industry, working with acts such as Nelly, Jack Johnson, Bob Schneider, and Afroman.

As our official keeper of the books, Dan is no stranger to working with formulas to get the desired outcome. In fact, though his background is in the music industry and marketing, he was a chemistry and biology major in college. We are glad Dan is finally able to bring his marketing and biology know-how to the table, making sure The Starr Conspiracy grows organically.

TSC-ExecBoard-SteveNAME: Agent Steve Smith
OCCUPATION: Partner, Director of Content

Steve heads the firm’s content development, thought leadership, and public relations activities. Since 2001, he has specialized exclusively in human resources and human capital-focused communications consulting. Before that, he worked as an editor at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for several years. Steve has earned numerous awards for corporate business writing and for the blogs Caravan of Dreams, and West and Clear.

An expert writer, Steve is a true wordsmith who oversees every bit of writing that leaves The Starr Conspiracy. He has an ear for just the right words, and he also has an ear for music — he owns six record players!

TSC-ExecBoard-KevinNAME: Agent Kevin Mangum
OCCUPATION: Partner, Director of Account Services

Kevin heads the team’s account management and planning based on nearly a decade of success working with dozens of U.S.-based and international clients. His primary area of expertise is comprehensive corporate re-brands.

Kevin has also been a top sales producer in the agency world, having achieved the prestigious million-dollar-man award. Put simply, Kevin was born to be a leader and entrepreneur. As the head of account services, he guides his team to success. But these entrepreneurial skills had unusual beginnings — as a high school student, Kevin raised and sold quarter horses all around the country, and to this day keeps about 15 horses.

TSC-ExecBoard-PaulNAME: Agent Paul Roberts
OCCUPATION: Chief Executive Officer

Paul is the CEO of The Starr Conspiracy, having served as President and CEO of 4 Thought LLC, a digital marketing strategic services company. Paul has also been General Manager for DDB Advertising’s digital services division, Tribal DDB Worldwide. With 21 offices in 14 countries, Tribal DDB is one of the largest interactive agencies in the world. In 2005, Tribal DDB was named Adweek’s Interactive Agency of the Year.

But it isn’t just Paul’s job title that says he means business. He takes his love of movies to a pretty impressive level, as his movie memorabilia collection attests. He even has one of Harrison Ford’s hats from the Indiana Jones movies.




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