The $4 billion press conference

Along with the excitement brought about by the knockout stage of the Copa America tournament, this year’s event also comes with a riddle. What do you get when you take a soccer superstar, a couple of Coke bottles, and add some media spin? An estimated $4 billion drop in Coca-Cola’s market value. At least, that’s […]

Microsoft Viva: What’s the Deal?

ICYMI last week — Microsoft just did a cannonball into the middle of Work Tech’s pool with the announcement of Viva, a new platform focused on the employee experience. If you want to take deep dives into smart people’s takes on this, Josh Bersin (of course) has a long take on it and so does […]

Join Ocho’s Book Club: Buy a Book. Help a Kid.

In this month of Thanksgiving, I believe that we all have learned a lesson this year in the importance of gratitude. I know I have. Let’s all be grateful for the blessings we have. We’re grateful to say that The Starr Conspiracy is surviving and thriving.