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Bersin & Associates Research Game: Play Along!

Question markI love my friends at Bersin & Associates, which is why I like to tease them mercilessly. I want to play a game. Guess which HR research reports are real and which ones are fake. Answers will be posted in the comments section on Thursday.

You ready? No cheating, okay?

Question 1

  1. Insourcing for Agility: Optimizing Talent Needs through a Blended Workforce
  2. The Feminization of HR: Measuring the Decline of Masculine Influences in Human Capital Management

Question 2

  1. The Coachification of Work
  2. The Convergence of HR Measurement and Big Data is Here

Question 3

  1. HR 2020: Achieving High Impact HCM Outcomes with Strategic Use of the Re-Tweet, the Like, and the Hashtag
  2. Building a Learning Culture through Holistic, Environmental Support for On-Demand Learning

Question 4

  1. Workforce Planning: A Nascent HR Process Grows Up
  2. Business Execution Software: Achieving Strategic Results Through Highly Differentiated Cloud-Based Software

Question 5

  1. Three Steps Towards Greater Efficiency in Lean HR
  2. Three Foundational Practices of High-Impact HR

Question 6

  1. Talent Management and Social Media: Five Keystone Practices for Social Recruiting Excellence
  2. Build, Buy or Lease? Leveraging Talent Analytics to Plan for Tomorrow’s Workforce

Question 7

  1. Developing Next-Gen Leaders for the Rigors of Tomorrow
  2. Innovations in LMS Technology: Best Practices for the Googled Learner

Question 8

  1. Talent Mobility: A Succession Management Best Practice for Developing High-Impact Employees
  2. Talent Mobility: The Power and Potential of the 9 Box Grid

Question 9

  1. The Art and Science of Building a High-Potential Strategy: Key Practices to Maximize the Performance of Top Talent
  2. Standardizing and Integrating Global Talent Management Into Your Cloud-Based Performance Management Framework

Question 10

  1. A Mentoring Mindset: How Genentech Infuses It into the Company’s DNA
  2. Intergenerational Conflict: How Whirlpool Created a Master Mentor Program

I wonder if my free pass to IMPACT 2012 is still good? Josh was going to buy me dinner. Dang.

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