Recruiting Robots: What’s the Big Deal?

If you went to a tech-forward HR conference this year, you probably heard words like artificial intelligence, programmatic, predictive, algorithmic, and robots. If you made a drinking game out of it, there would’ve been a ton of hospital admissions for alcohol poisoning just on the first day of these events.

Zenefits Update: Is Z2 the Silver Bullet or the Last Nail in the Coffin?


The first employee to take the stage for Zenefits was sending a message to the almost-1,000 people in the audience at the company’s first user conference at San Francisco’s Palace Hotel. Bud Bowlin, a Zenefits senior benefits advisor and “older millennial” (he’s easily north of 50), sent the message that there’s clear benefits experience at […]

Randstad’s Monster Acquisition: Three Hard Truths and One Quick Hat Tip

The hot 2016 market for acquisitions continued this week with the announcement of Randstad’s acquisition of Monster. While not “Microsoft-LinkedIn big,” the acquisition was still noteworthy because of what it says about the direction of HR technology and the talent acquisition category.

Authenticity and Brands: An Amazon Take

Amazon is all over the news this week, as an expose of sorts from The New York Times showed that their work environment may be a little tough. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has read about CEO Jeff Bezos. He’s a micromanager — detail-oriented and data-driven — just like the company […]

Three Things HCM Vendors Can Learn from Willis’ Acquisition of Towers Watson

Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) is now very appropriately named after the $8.7 billion acquisition of Towers Watson. The acquisition — which feels more like a merger given the relative equal market capitalization of both companies — comes at a time of extreme change to traditional models of human resources and benefits consulting and insurance […]

Five Ways to Do an HCM User Conference Right

In past years, Globoforce ran a user conference that looked typical to other companies their size. Their best customers would attend, share best practices, get some product previews, and have some fun. It would hopefully involve a nice location, too. After all, for the hardcore administrators and users of the product, it might be the […]

Making Your Own Luck in Enterprise Software Marketing

Whenever we bring on a new employee at The Starr Conspiracy, we walk them through all of our methodologies and processes so they can understand how and why we do things. And trust me, as someone who went through it: it’s a lot. It’s not like you understand everything right away, either. 2nd day @StarrConspiracy […]

Future of Corporate Learning and Development

In our latest Lightpaper™, The Starr Consiracy Intelligence Unit teams up with research and analyst firm Brandon Hall Group to tackle the shifting state of learning in the human capital management arena. This primary research reveals what is needed to educate, train, and develop the most complicated and demanding group of employees to ever enter the […]

Three Must-Read Pieces For HCM Marketers To Start 2015 Off Right

This may be news to you but we’re already a week into 2015. Say what? Exactly! That was our reaction when we looked at the calendar, at least. Still, you have time to catch up and pretend that you didn’t waltz into the new year unprepared. Your friends here at The Starr Conspiracy put together […]

3 Reasons Investors are Showing the Love to #HCM

I won’t bury the lede: Through the middle of 2014, more money has been invested in human capital technology than in all of 2013 (at that point, an all time high for investment).  That’s according to a report released this month from CB Insights. Again, remember that 2014’s numbers only stretch through the end of […]

#HRTechEurope: Narrowing the Global HR Tech Gap

I’ve been wanting to attend HR Tech Europe for the last few years and I finally got my chance this year. It was a whirlwind two days of sessions, expo time, networking, and, of course, parties. In between all that, I managed to experience and walk through most of Amsterdam with coffee in hand as […]

A Harvest Carnival of HR

Let’s cut to the chase, okay? Pumpkin ales are the shit. So while everyone is freaking out about fall colors, carving gourds, and Halloween, I’m just going to sit here and drink my Pyramid Pumpkin Ale and enjoy my night. I’ll admit it, too: I’m a simple man with simple tastes but I do love […]

The #InfluenceHR Social Media Policy

Over the course of one day, speakers at InfluenceHR will share marketing secrets with CEOs, CMOs, and customer-facing executives who market and sell to the HR buyer. We embrace social media at InfluenceHR. We encourage you to share your experience at the event with the world. We also understand that some executives speaking or contributing […]

Context: The Next Step in the Marketing Evolution

Lori Wizdo, principal analyst at Forrester Research, has spent more than 30 years in B2B marketing. So when she says we have a big data evolution coming to marketing, you should probably listen.  Wizdo is one of our keynotes for InfluenceHR and her message is simple: campaign-based marketing has lost its power to find and […]

The One Reason Why Casual Learning Matters

The learning technology segment is due for a shake up. While learning technologies have automated key aspects of the learning value chain, for some organizations, automation isn’t enough. In order to keep up — or stay ahead — progressive companies are focused on getting personalized information into the hands of end users more quickly.