One Metric Is Ruining Your Trade Show Strategy


It’s Time to Rethink Your Trade Show Strategy We’re in the wake of the summer trade show season, and that can only mean one thing for HCM enthusiasts: InfluenceHR and the HR Technology® Conference & Exposition are just around the corner. Are you prepared?

Submit Your Awards Applications for InfluenceHR Today


Be Recognized. Impress Your Friends. This year at InfluenceHR, we’re shaking things up. We’ll recognize the campaigns of the mad marketers who’ve achieved the highest level of creative excellence in HCM tech marketing in the areas of brand, advertising, and promotion. Oh, yes, those marketers will have their day in the sun.

PR Can Measure ROI Just Like Marketing

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If your public relations agency is reluctant to set measurable objectives and demonstrate ROI, they probably don’t know what’s important to your business from a marketing and sales perspective. PR is often prone to feeling like an outsider because they don’t think like an insider. PR can and should be measured in alignment with marketing […]

The Truth About Branding


In a world where facts are fake and truth is desperately needed, we need to shine some light on what a brand truly is. Let’s get the basic vocabulary out of the way so we’re all on the same page.

Looking for a Sales Job That’s Magical, Mystical, and Mysterious?


Finding a sales job that you want to stick with — forever — is like catching a glimpse of the mythical unicorn sipping from a sparkling waterfall at the rainbow’s end. Except one of those things can actually happen without the use of mind-altering substances. The sales gig, just to be clear.

Recruiting Robots: What’s the Big Deal?

If you went to a tech-forward HR conference this year, you probably heard words like artificial intelligence, programmatic, predictive, algorithmic, and robots. If you made a drinking game out of it, there would’ve been a ton of hospital admissions for alcohol poisoning just on the first day of these events.

Fake News: A Synopsis and Battle Plan for Brands

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“Nothing can be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put in that polluted vehicle.” The 2016 presidential election sparked quite an uproar about the prevalence of fake news articles. However, this quote is not from 2016; it was written by Thomas Jefferson in 1807. Fake news is not […]

A Look Through Our Periscope: HR Tech 2017 Predictions

2016 was a big year for HR tech. At TSC, we’ll remember it as: The year the nature of solutions changed to focus on the experience of being an employee — and irreversibly away from simple process automation The first year cloud HCM systems beat on-premise deployment A year of huge investments in HR tech;in […]

Assessing 5 Contentious Westworld Archetypes


If your water cooler is anything like ours (i.e., sometimes it’s a keg), Mondays are spent gathered around it discussing your personal Westworld theories. With the season one finale quickly approaching, we at The Starr Conspiracy are preparing our human minds for what lingering mysteries the finale will solve. (Namely, do these violent delights really […]